Apples inspire me. Apples cause butterflies in my stomach. I fall in love with Fall every year and since it has been a while since the last time I wrote, I thought that this would be the perfect time to pick back up my writing.



Apples are the subject of today’s article because since my last post so many incredible things happened. The Summer slipped by, and with it, many hot and beautiful days spent preparing my dream.

We all know about my passion, border line obsession, with making life delicious. Baking, cooking celebrating nature and beauty, raising children, nurturing animals, writing, singing and dancing. One day, I put all of these ingredients together, just like making a cake, and my little play school, Little Stars, was born. Just like that, just like magic.



We spend our days making life delicious, in our little corner of paradise, in the Tuscan hills. We sing, we bake, we play, we have fun and we learn about life and the beauty that surrounds us all around.

Apples, juicy red apples had been sitting on the fire place for a couple of days. We had picked them from the apple trees in the big field around our little house. The girls loved finding the red little precious balls on the ground and putting them in the basket. We had told many stories about apples and sang song about them. We were ready to enjoy their sweetness!


Apples are a magical fruit, so juicy, sweet and versatile. Friday morning, the girls, Tricia, and I, decided to roll up our sleeves, set out all the ingredients and, start making a cake!

The girls were so excited, to use a knife, a dull one, but still a knife, to cut up the apples in little cubes. They were so happy to mix the ingredients, measure them and stir the batter. They were patient at taking turns and thrilled to lick the pans!

We had some great time, the smell coming out of the kitchen tickled our hearts. The smell of cinnamon mixed with the sweetness of the apples and the sugar over the butter. Absolutely heavenly!

Here is the recipe below for all of you to enjoy. Singing during baking makes the experience of the baking therapy complete. Us, from the Little Stars Nest Play School, warmly recommend it.


Little Stars Apple Cake

200 g flour

5 Tbsp of milk

1 lemon zest

1 Tbsp baking powder

80 ml seed oil

150 g sugar

3 apples

2 big eggs at room temperature

1/2 stick of butter

brown sugar to sprinkle on the apples during cooking



Cut up all the apples into cubes and set in a pan. Add butter, sugar, lemon zest, and cinnamon. Let cook for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile mix all the other ingredients in a bowl. When the batter is mixed and smooth add the cooked apples. Pour content into a buttered baking pan and cook at 350F for 30 to 40 minutes.


We hope you will it enjoy as much as we did. For more inspiring reading on cooking with children click here!

Much love from Barbara, Tricia and the girls of the Little Stars Nest Play School!




Written by Barbara
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