Baking for sharing.

Recently, I discovered myself as a technology lover. Yes, of course, I battle every day with my thirteen year old son, whose biggest ambition is to become a gamer, and would spend infinite hours on his play station. Yes, I battle every day with my almost sixteen year old daughter, who would spend hours on Instagram just checking out the latest trends. While I restrain my children from the use of technology, I myself use it everyday to share with the world my passion for a kind of lifestyle that I define delicious.

It is common knowledge that modern technology has made human beings’ life easier. As long as these tools do not start to control our lives everything is fine. It is important that we use these precious toys to our advantage instead  of letting the devices take over our lives. This is why I don’t support a random and aimless use of phones and computers. On the contrary, I drag my precious I phone X everywhere with me, get it dirty, get it wet, risk dropping it, get chocolate or flour all over it.  I view it as a tool through which to tell my story. My phone serves the purpose of helping share my love with all of you.

Baking for love.

I am a mother, a blogger, a teacher, and much more, in most moments of my life I feel the urge to share what makes me happy. I love to share what brings joy into my existence. I hope to be of service to some of you, out there, that might find solace in the same things I do.

Today, I took my phone into the kitchen to share with you the treat I prepared with some of my little star people. My pupils and I make together treats for the palate and for the soul. Scientific studies are now showing that baking is good and relaxing for the mind just as much as meditation is. Lately, I have been taking some great shots of my pupils loving the activity of baking. Kids simply love getting their hands dirty and creating something. They feel so proud of themselves afterwards.



Baking for healing.

It has now been proven true that cooking and baking are good for the soul. Those people who don’t miss a chance to get to work and bake something, perhaps to donate to someone else, do something amazing for others and for themselves. Through baking you create an outlet for your creativity, which is linked with well being. Any kind of creativity whether it is painting, cooking, baking, making music, or any other form of creativity relieves people from stress, which is the source of all health problems.

In order to live a healthy life it is necessary to find joy and balance. In the process of making a cake with our hands, we show our feelings and we connect with the world around us. In many cultures food is considered an expression of love. Therefore to donate it, it is a very special act. While baking we give ourselves time for a mindful present moment. Just like with meditation we focus on the “here and now” and we relieve ourselves from stress and anxiety.





This is why I have cooked and baked with my children since they were very little, and now I do the same with my pupils, in the attempt of raising people with no worry, stress, or anxiety. We shall try to fight anxiety emptying our minds out from worry, and feeling it up with compassion, empathy, and gratitude. Let us make our hands be full while we empty out our cluttered minds. Let us fill our hands up with creativity. Stop overthinking and start working.

Create. Be creative. Paint, cook, garden, play. Let us all channel our energy, our overflow of energy out of our mind and into our hands.

For the recipe of the Banana, Walnut, Chocolate chip Muffins in the picture just click here. And add to your wet ingredients, two ripe, smashed bananas, chocolate chips, and a cup of chopped walnuts.






Written by Barbara
I am a mother, a cooking goddess, an entrepreneur, and a photography lover. Beauty is my passion, in everything that surrounds me: travel, food, relationship, lifestyle, photography. Join me in my joyful tribe! Simone, the eye behind the camera of most of my shots on this blog. His sensitivity towards art and beauty allow him to see things hidden to most. His motto is: "Enjoy life now!"