Children in the kitchen

As a mother and a teacher I can say for sure, that the human being is born with an innate attitude for cooking. The kitchen is a magical place where amazing things happen. The kitchen is the warmest, the most embracing, and nurturing part of our house. The kitchen is my sanctuary, where I relax, heal and transform all my loving energy into food.

Children feel the love

Children are incredibly sensitive to everything that surrounds them, they absorb anything just like sponges do with water. I have spent infinite time with my own children in the kitchen when they were little, and still do today. I feel like, the kitchen is a great meeting point. It is a place where you feel like surrendering, burring your hatchet, find peace and connect.

I have grown to believe that the kitchen is a great place to communicate and therefore as often as I can, it is the place where I teach English to my little pupils. Together we learn and create delicious dishes, the smell of our food spreads all over and puts us in a great mood. Excitement is a necessary ingredient to open up to new information and learn new things.

Children deserve a slow life

Excitement is a necessary ingredient to enjoy the wonders we see all around. Let us make time for some slow moments with our little ones. Time to be dedicated to appreciate the beauty that too often is taken for granted during our busy lives. Children are wise, they know best. They know that it is worth it to spend time listening to the birds singing, or stop to smell the flowers. They know that the beauty is in the journey and not is the destination. Our children behold the future. They know best. That is why they take it easy and enjoy every bit. Let us adults, slow down, and allow ourselves to rediscover the beauty of life through the eyes of a child. This will immensely help us, and the children in our lives. We will all be happier.



Sadly growing up we tend to forget the real essence of life, and children help us to remember. They help us remember to take walks in nature, and be captured by the beauty of the leaves falling from the trees, the joy for eating an apple picked from the tree. This is a special time of the year. Let’s celebrate with our little ones, the abundance that nature offers us by baking together something delightful like a Tangerine-chocolate cake!



Chocolate Tangerine Cake


200 g Butter

140 g Sugar

400 g ground almonds

140 g dark Chocolate

25 g Flour

8 g baking powder

1 pinch of salt

130 g yolks

180 g egg whites

1 orange (rind)

50 g fresh tangerine juice

Confectioners sugar




In a bowl combine together the softened butter with the sugar, mix well. Add the yolks and stir well again. (Make sure to place the eggs out of the fridge at the same time of the butter, so that they are at room temperature when you use them). In a separate bowl, beat up the egg whites with a pinch of salt until white and foam like. To the butter, sugar, yolks mix add the ground almonds, the baking soda and the flour. Stir in the orange zest and the tangerine juice. Pour the batter in to a buttered pan and bake for 40 to 50 minutes at 350 F or 180 C.

This is an extremely easy cake to bake. It is a great project to do with children. This cake is soft as a cloud and it melts in your mouth! You are going to love it!



Written by Barbara
I am a mother, a cooking goddess, an entrepreneur, and a photography lover. Beauty is my passion, in everything that surrounds me: travel, food, relationship, lifestyle, photography. Join me in my joyful tribe! Simone, the eye behind the camera of most of my shots on this blog. His sensitivity towards art and beauty allow him to see things hidden to most. His motto is: "Enjoy life now!"