Dancing words…and the intriguing smell of home-made French fries.

Today I woke up weary with thoughts, and for once, food is not the only thing on my mind. I decided to sit down and start writing as this always helps me sort out questions, bring back the sunshine and put me back in alignment with the Universe. As I previously mentioned in one of my blogs, I usually connect with my best inspiration when I am creating something with my hands and let my mind rest, then I feel the light of inspiration and creativity come through me like a shiver along my spine.

One day as I was mixing my sourdough bread I started thinking about the introduction for the book I am planning on writing: what is this book going to be about, what is it  going to be its message, how can I convey at best, and how can I put into words this burning fire, that I feel right here in the middle of my chest? In the last few years most best-selling books have been by women, mostly in their thirties, who go through a crisis, and change their life to go towards a life that validates them, a life that makes them feel closer to their Goddess within. Do we really have to leave what traditionally has been associated with “womaness” to affirm ourselves? What does it mean to be a woman today? Why is it that so often marriage becomes a cage and a trap for women, in which it becomes so hard to preserve our sensual femininity and individuality. How are the needs and life of women, as providers of the sacred home, changed since the feminist revolution? How are men and women going to face and change to become fulfilled, inspired individuals and therefore better partners for each other in order to convert “the cage” into a “heavenly garden” from which to share and savor the fruits together?

“Heavenly garden” is a beautiful metaphor that helps us look at our homes as the place where we rest, nourish ourselves and  our loved ones, physically and spiritually. View the home as the family’s sanctuary and the woman as the queen, the fulfilled mother and the sensual partner for her king. Can this Man and Woman create the best possible environment in which children will grow up to be wonderful, loving human beings?

“Nothing less than strength, boldness, a sense of adventure, insight, courage, and leadership joined with gentleness, sensitivity, caring, kindness, and understanding will see us into the future”. According to Don and Jeanne Elium’s words in their book called “Raising a Son”, these should be the requisites of the future individual, the one that will be apt to prosper and bloom in the future society. I could keep talking about all this for hours, about the transformation that all of us shall undergo in order to evolve with the time we live in, from a female point of view how we shall sublimate our role as mothers, wifeves, daughters and how this would affect the currently terribly suffering modern family. But time is precious and my loaf of sourdough bread is ready to come out of the oven for today’s dinner. Along with it, and with some fresh tomato pasta, I’ll serve for my family some yummy home-made and home-grown French fries with home-grown garlic and sage. Enjoy the recipe below!


Savory Sage French Fries



I learned this recipe from my grandmother Liliana. Her fries were always very crunchy and delicious! My mother has been preparing this dish for years , with her own touch. Her potatoes are cut in bigger pieces, and while the outside is crunchy the inside is soft and velvety…mine are somewhere in between!




5 big or 6 small potatoes   

20 leaves of fresh sage

5 cloves garlic

3/4 cup olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


Pour the olive oil in a cast iron skillet, let the oil warm up before you throw the potatoes in, in this way the potatoes will not soak up too much oil before they actually start to cook.

Let them cook on medium high flame. Let them be for 5 to ten minutes, trying not to stir at first, if too hot lower the heat. Once the fries are browned on the edge of one side, you can delicately stir them a few times until tender. After you stir the first time you may turn the flame down to medium. When they are a few minutes from being done, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste.

If you are a fan of fancy salts, like pink Himalayan salts or black volcanic salt this recipe gives you a good chance to use them!  




Written by Barbara
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