I adore this image and the meaning of these three lines of words, which so well summarize a very important paradigm: be worthy and you shall receive. Wearing a crown is a privilege but it is also a commitment to be the best possible version of yourself. Anytime you wear a crown or that someone gives you a crown, with it they elect you to queen of their hearts. Your children, your spouse, your parents, your friends,  are handing you their hopes, their trust, their hearts, never break them. Stand up tall and proudly wear your invisible shining crown, for yourself for it is beautiful shining light and for others which enjoy and rejoice in your light.


To love and be loved will give peace and a feeling of plenitude to your heart. The feeling of plenitude, for most of us has little to do with our material possessions. Plenitude thrives in a happy heart. It is like a song, like a melody, learning to dance to its rhythm is a slow and sweet discovery of a life full of joy and gratitude.


Happy Birthday to me, I will celebrate my special day by feeling the queen of this magical August day, and will make wishes while I watch for shooting stars falling in the night sky tonight.


This morning nature has come to rescue me

To silence my mind

To open my heart

She came with her gently silky hand

To caress my weary forehead.

She whispered in my ear soft loving words of reassurance,

She delicately blew in my face star dust

to reawakened my senses.

She used a white dove’s feather to dust away sorrow from my eyes

and open them to all the beauty that surrounds me.

She sent a hummingbird to remind me that work is love made seen

and everything, every single gentle presence is a confirmation that the universe is joy

and I am held on the palm of love.

With Love and Gratitude for you ALL.








Written by Barbara
I am a mother, a cooking goddess, an entrepreneur, and a photography lover. Beauty is my passion, in everything that surrounds me: travel, food, relationship, lifestyle, photography. Join me in my joyful tribe! Simone, the eye behind the camera of most of my shots on this blog. His sensitivity towards art and beauty allow him to see things hidden to most. His motto is: "Enjoy life now!"